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Americana At Brand: Inside the Excelsior Sales Office

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Also opening today at Americana at Brand: The sales office for Excelsior, the condominium part of the Glendale mixed-use development. By 10:30, there was already a big crowd of people checking out the layouts and sample finishes (there are a total of 100 units). Crowd: Mostly an affluent, empty nester vibe. Hard hat tours of the unfinished units going on every 15 minutes. Slight concern among a sales agent about running out of hard hats for all the visitors. Overheard #1: "Who makes these cabinets"? Overheard #2: "So then you step out on to Caruso Way?" "No, it's called Caruso Avenue." Overheard #3: "The Americana has its own zip code."
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The Americana at Brand

889 Americana Way., Glendale, CA 91210