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New To Market: Neutra-Designed Strathmore Apartments

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It's not yet on the MLS, but a two bedroom, two bathroom unit in the now-condo-converted "Strathmore Apartments," designed by architect Richard Neutra in 1937, is about to hit the market. The building is located at 11005 Strathmore and the unit, which is 1,224 square feet, is listed at $795,000. Via Dwell: "Staggered back into the hill as it rises from the street, the Strathmore is a modernist updating of two of Neutra’s favorite buildings: the ancient Taos Pueblo in New Mexico and Irving Gill’s Horatio West Court in Santa Monica (1919)." Three other homes in the complex have sold; this is the fourth unit to change hands. The broker caravan on May 13th to coincide with the auction of Neutra's Palm Springs Kaufmann home.
· The Value Of Architecture [Official Site]