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Americana At Brand: Checking Out A Million Dollar Condo

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As part of its opening hoopla today, the Americana at Brand is leading potential buyers through hard hat tours of its Excelsior condominiums. The 100 units are still under construction, but this is the finished unit they're showing off--it's a 1,700 square foot, 2-bedroom that's listed for $1.024 million. The leader of the tour noted that the windows have sound-proofing to entirely muffle all outside sounds. The tour guide also dropped some more information about that fancy concierge service: Apparently, they will dutifully do such chores as send birthday cards to your family members every year if you give them the dates. (That was the example given.) Overheard #1 on the tour: "Nice, but that's expensive." Overheard #2: "This is like Vegas living." Overheard #3: "The elevator is too small."
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