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CurbedWire: Condos Wanted on Lucretia Avenue, Offices Wanted at 1100 Wilshire

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ECHO PARK: Locals who live on and near Lucretia Avenue are worried about the news that a developer wants to put four units--basically townhomes, but called condominiums that would measure around 2,000-2,500 square feet--at 1876 Lucretia and 1880 Lucretia (pictured above). A petition (with outdated information) was spotted on the Magic Gas station off Echo Park Boulevard. "We're talking to the developer and asking him to design something that's appropriate for the area," an area resident tells Curbed. "Basically, not a stucco box." [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: Someone's trying to work at collegiate 1100 Wilshire. A reader writes: "Was in city hall in planning dept yesterday. Another person (whom I presume was representing the developer or architect, but may have been representing an individual buyer in the building) was looking into combining some of the units at 1100 Wilshire and turning them BACK into office. Per some very reputable "word on the street" (eg someone who's seen revenue flows etc), the building has practically minted money however, so guess its an odd representation of the project's success." [Curbed InBox]

1100 Wilshire

1100 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA