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Curbed Inside: 717 Olympic's Golfing Range

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Finally, a glimpse inside that 27-story luxury downtown tower, now open to renters willing to pay $2,500-$19,999/month. Perks include a big shared lounge, shady decks, and the yoga lawn (pictured above). But yes, that stretch of grass will be likely be co-opted by the alcoholics who'll turn it into a late-night driving range. Meanwhile, the story of the tiny pool is entirely tragic. It's a short, stunted thing--maybe 10 feet long?--because the city wouldn't allow--for obvious reasons--the developer to have that giant pillar (seen in gallery) in the pool itself. As for the units themselves, the best part may be great views of downtown. In the gallery is a two-bedroom; those units start at $4,999. Move-in date is June 15th.
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