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BuildingSpotter: The Wosk Residence

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Before becoming a starchitect obsessed with bendy metal, Frank Gehry did some small but impressive architectural design work which can be found all over LA. Known as the Wosk Residence, this building in Beverly Hills is one of Frank Gehry's early-80's designs (completed in 1984). The four story, six-unit building features a funky penthouse unit highlighted by the chimney stack decorated with blue tiles. We would never have guessed this was a Gehry if the internet hadn't told us so. Via Arcspace: "The kitchen is housed within a blue-domed form topped by a stained glass skylight. The dining room occupies a gabled greenhouse structure and the adjoining livingroom is housed in a block-like structure whose corner chimney is clad in custom blue shingled tiles. A ziggurat form coated with gold auto-body paint contains the den. The vaulted corrugated aluminum shed at the far end of the rooftop contains the owner's studio. A sweeping curved stairway, enclosed within a black granite baldachino form, links the third floor master bedroom, guest room and two large bathrooms to the upper living/working areas." More ziggurats please.
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