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Forget Starter Homes. How About An Ender Home?

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For you future home buyers browsing the MLS, thinking about your first starter home when you get your bonus check, your upgrade now that a baby is on the way, maybe even your retirement condo now that the kids are off to college -- you're just not forward thinking enough. Feast your eyes upon this listing, for those of you ready to shuffle off this mortal coil and want to bring the whole mishbucha with you:

A sarcophagus within a community mausoleum at Forest Lawn! Accommodates 6. All marble construction with marble bench, flowers, and leaded glass ceiling. The most exclusive resting place on the hill. Immediately adjacent to the "who's who" of numerous Hollywood Legends and celebrities. The ultimate "final resting place" for generations to come.
Yes, even in death proximity to celebrities matters. Who wants to be buried next to Joe Schmo when you can spend eternity near Sammy Davis Jr. and Chico Marx? This, ahem, six-bedroom, zero-bath sarcophagus will set you back just $750,000. Where else in LA can you get six-bedrooms for that price?
· 0 Cathedral Dr, Glendale, CA 91205 []