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Western Hollywood Development: A Primer

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Come take a Curbed tour of western Hollywood and witness the oodles of new development. Just east of La Brea, you'll see the Hollywood Professional, which went from empty offices to shiny new apartments, yet still awaits its ground-floor soul food restaurant. Next door is the soon-to-be refurbished offices of 7060 Hollywood. Moving south on La Brea, the massive Madrone condo complex and its mystery retail come into view. With a right on Sunset, you'll see the old Roman's restaurant is looking much spiffier these days--an Aroma Cafe and Bakery is moving in. A little further down is 7288 Sunset, a cute new office building with a Pinkberry. Finally, we come across the Privilege nightclub redo at Sunset and Crescent Heights, and the in-transition 8000 Sunset Plaza. The Trader Joe's—in the old Sam Ash store—is advancing; a nice-security guard says it's opening in November. Hooray for Hollywood!
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