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CurbedWire: West Adams Mural, Solair's Crane, Downtown Film Festival

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WEST ADAMS: Nothing like politely asking. This mural going up on Adams also had another note, asking bloggers not to post any photos of the artwork itself on the web (until its finished). Fair enough. So this shot only shows the note--the mural is to the right. [Curbed Staff]

K-TOWN: Following a look at the construction of the development, a reader writes of action at glassy development Solair. "Looks like the Solair Wilshire no longer needs its crane. The delicate process of lowering this hulking machine is taking place right now. It is pretty interesting how they take off chunks of the primary frame and lower itself down." Big shot after the jump. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Arts district development Barker Block, via a partnership with the Downtown Film Festival, will begin offering a "Summer Screening Series" with mixer action. Via the press release: "It begins Wednesday, June 11th, leading up to the five-day Downtown Film Festival August 13th -17th. The mixers will alternate between Wednesdays and Fridays each week from 6pm - 10pm and will feature short films and old classics. The Summer Screening Series is open to the public, but visitors must RSVP in advance. Guests should visit for more information." [Curbed InBox]


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