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Breaking: Santa Monica Ficus Trees Cut Down

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At approximately 6 am today, the city of Santa Monica began cutting down 23 ficus trees around 2nd and 4th Streets. Goodbye, big strong trees. And no, it doesn't look like the Santa Monica Treesavers--who were against the tree carnage--had time to wake up and and chain themselves to the trees, as they had threatened to do. As previously noted, the city said the trees needed to come down because they were unhealthy and ripping up the sidewalk. A city official for Santa Monica confirms that as of 9:45 am, all the trees are gone. No word on when the planting of ginkgos--the replacement trees--will happen. UPDATE: The Treesavers blog has posted two black and white photos, seen above, on their site. They write: "This day--and the people responsible for all this--will be long remembered in this town." [Thanks to reader KR for photos]
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