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New Mini-Tower For "Smashed" Hollywood

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As local Hollywood residents decry the development of their neighborhood, the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is working overtime in Hollywood, encouraging the construction of additional dense, affordable housing and more Class A office space, says the Los Angeles Times. At yesterday's public hearing, more details emerged about the 8-story office structure that'll rise at Vine and Selma by 2011 (it's reminiscent of the office space that just went up on Sunset).

Meanwhile, some Hollywood residents spoke out at yesterday's CRA meeting, saying the neighborhood should be renamed "Alcohollywood" because scenesters are flocking to all the new watering holes, taking up parking spots and barfing in alleys. Some wonder if those people had anything to do with the recent spate of fires that have torched many a hotspot. Is arson the urban equivalent of drunk cow-tipping? Plus, after the jump: Another project talked about at the meeting: An affordable housing development at Gower.

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