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Development Du Jour: The Market Mews

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Location: 741 Mildred Avenue
Architect: Steven Ehrlich
What: 8 two-bedroom, two-bath homes.
Excerpt from listing: "Row Houses reinvented forming an urban streetscape near the beach and the heart of Venice. Each entry leads to a second level 2-story vaulted living space with 14-foot roll-up glass doors, bringing the outside terrace and Pacific breezes inside."
What Else: Facts about the Venice-based architect, via Architectural Digest. "Raised in Radburn, New Jersey, America’s first planned community, Ehrlich spent six years working in Morocco and Nigeria after architecture school. “Because of living in Africa,” he says, “I have a strong affinity for courtyard housing, for housing close to the ground and for being part of a community."
Price: $1.265 million-$1.55 million
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