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CurbedWire: Venice Art Walk & Auction, Downtown's Biscuit Lofts

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VENICE: Maybe you want to cool off by visiting the ocean this weekend. Good thing the Venice Art Walk & Auction is also taking place. There are studio visits and architectural tours, the latter tour will include a home (nearly completed and the rendering is above), by Daly Genik Architects. Via the site: ""An existing house and garage are transformed into colorful garden lanterns that enfold a shared courtyard, entirely wrapped with a perforated metal skin to provide sun shades and privacy. Winner of 2007 AIA/LA NEXT LA Award."

DOWNTOWN: Biscuit Company Lofts has an ad in this month's Dwell magazine proclaiming that they are 85 percent sold. Is that the truth? Or one of those lies---like the one a tipster fed us about Nicolas Cage looking at the building? Yes, old wounds.

Biscuit Lofts

1850 Industrial St., Los Angeles, CA