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Overzealous Security Blocks Photography On Red Line

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Boing Boing uncovers two similar stories recently -- both of "illegal" photographs and patriotic paranoid security. First Keith is somewhat impolitely asked not to take a cell phone photo on the Red Line platform which escalates into a loudspeaker announcement:

Next thing I knew, a booming female voice very loudly announced over the loudspeaker "Attention to the gentleman in the plaid shirt: You are not allowed to take photographs in the Subway. You will be arrested if you continue to take photos and harrass the metro worker." Calls to the sheriff's station such law. In a similar vein, Boing Boing recounts the stock photographer Hal's story at the Port Of Los Angeles, which resulted in a knock on the door from the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. Seriously. We're going to go take a few shots of the Port ourselves, maybe gather a few blueprints for Dodger Stadium and Disneyland, and search for books on bombs on Amazon. That won't raise any suspicion, will it? [Highly suspicious port image by Hal]
· BB reader: "Two FBI agents just showed up at my door for taking photos in the Port of Los Angeles" [Boing Boing]
· Taking pictures on LA's Red Line violates the "9/11" law [Boing Boing]