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Santa Monica Treesavers Lose Another Round

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Another blow for the Treesavers, the group trying to stop the city from removing ficus trees from around 2nd and 4th Streets in Santa Monica. Last night, a California Appellate Court denied a petition by the group, effectively paving the way for the removal of 23 unstable trees. But the Treesavers tell the Santa Monica Daily Press that the group is still holding out for some type of settlement deal. The city's attorney sound rather lukewarm on that option, but said the city would continue to listen to proposals from the group. Meanwhile, the Treesavers' attorney notes the group at least has helped reduce the tree carnage--the city originally wanted to relocate 31 ficus trees. And a new announcement on the Official Treesavers site indicates that daily vigils--to collect petitions--are now being held at Saint Monica Statue at Palisades Park. [Santa Monica Daily Press]