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Caruso's Next Phase of Mall Domination: Shops at Santa Anita

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If you're like us, you visited the Americana at Brand last weekend and said to yourself, "This craphole is too crowded. Why can't Caruso open a mall in every neighborhood so I can shop and strut freely?" Fret no more, dearests. Lifestyle mall developer Rick Caruso's next mall is just around the corner. After jumping through the flaming hoops in Arcadia, the Shops at Santa Anita is the next proposed Caruso Mall to open, now with a target date of 2010. Since our last check, the SaSA web site has been updated with new renderings (pictured above) and the classic trademark line "Life. Style. Caruso." Per the web site, the new mall will cozy up to a landscaped paddock garden where the kiddies can watch the midget riders ride the race horses. And instead of a self propelled trolley, a horse drawn trolley will pull your fat ass around the mall. It will be pure awesomeness.
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