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WeHo Affordable Housing In Fully Rendered Webby Glory

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Ground-breaking takes place next week on this new affordable housing development on Sierra Bonita and Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood. Affordable housing never looked so good--we're digging the exterior skin. Designed by Tighe Architecture, the project is a five-story mixed use development with 42 one-bedroom units. Retail will be located along the ground floor, and the project is expected to comply with Weho's recent Green Building Ordinance. The project is being developed by the West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation , and according to their site, there are plans to rent one third of the units to seniors on fixed minimal incomes, another third to disabled persons, including many people living with HIV/AIDS, and the remaining units to families with limited incomes.
· Tighe Architecture [Official Site]
· West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation [Official Site]