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Theft! Cushion-Carrying Bandits Hit Mt. Washington

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Manholes swiped in Long Beach, copper ripped out of downtown's lights. Where does it end? Not in Mt. Washington. Last Friday, thieves stole an 80-plus pound antique concrete urn off the wall (right arrow) in front of Denise Young's house on Museum Drive, and this morning, Young woke up to find the second urn (left) missing. She says an antique dealer told her the pair of urns, which could fetch $1,500 for the pair, will likely end up at a flea market. It appears the thieves used chains to drag it off its base, pillows to cushion the sound of the urn falling, and a kid's wheel toy to transport it. "We didn't hear a thing," says Young. She filed a police report over the phone, but says she was told cops don't come out in person for incidents like this. [A likeness of the stolen urns in the gallery]
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