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Rumblings & Bumbling: Half Finished in Hollywood, Alpine Village Construction, More H'Wood Madness, and a Cheviot Hills Mystery

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Thank you for your new questions this week. Please feel free to email us at or leave a comment if you have an answer to these questions submitted by your neighbors.

1) Hollywood: Quite simply, why can't Scientologists complete this project (pictured)? "What is the Church doing with their headquarters on Fountain (part of the complex between Sunset and Fountain). It's the old Cedars of Lebanon hospital building. I don't think it's quite a landmark, but it's an interesting example of Art Deco. As you can see, they've completely ruined it. The tower above the face has been without walls for years. Why won't they fix this? "

2) Torrance: Fond memories of sausage, beer and heartburn. "Any word on what's going on at the Alpine Village in Torrance? The area that used to house the Oktoberfest party is now a large dirt lot with at least some activity (a dump truck, I think). Could there be an expansion, perhaps?"
3) Hollywood: Another Hollywood renovation question. "There is a 7 story building located on the corner of wilcox and north cahuenga just below the 101 on the west side of the street. I think the address may be 1962 N Cahuenga blvd, i dont have a picture but here is a link to the google streetview of the building. The building looks as if its being used as apartments and located on the ground level have been boarded up store fronts. Recently they have started renovations to all those old store fronts getting ready for some new businesses hopefully. I've tried finding some information about this location but have been unsuccessful in my search so far... Maybe are they going to try and convert the apartments into condos and sell them too? "

4) Cheviot Hills: We apologize if this isn't Cheviot Hills, but it's close. Now market those condos! "On my block on Roxbury Dr. (90035) there is a large 66 unit luxury condo building being built. The wood frame is complete, and there is still no marketing at all for the project. I called the contractor and he said they will be ~2500 SF condos for $600/SF, but they are not being marketed yet, and they would not give me info even though I am an interested potential buyer. Have you ever heard of condos that are not being marketed? I traced title to what I believe is All American Development Corp in Las Vegas, but they did not return my phone calls. What's the story here?"