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CurbedWire: Cinematographers' Clubhouse, Historic Filipinotown, Thai Town Gets Love

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HOLLYWOOD: Ground-breaking fun. The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) broke ground last week on an addition to their clubhouse, located at Orange and Franklin Avenues. "The oldest continuously-operating motion picture society in the world, the ASC was chartered in 1919 and has been in Hollywood for their entire existence...They are building an addition to the rear of the building while preserving the character of the original. A separate three-story building will be erected at the rear of the property to house their offices and publications division." The clubhouse is pictured. [Hollywood]

FILIPINOTOWN/THAI TOWN: Last week, Council President Garcetti helped push forward legislation that would designate Historic Filipinotown and Thai Town as Preserve America Communities. Via the Garcetti newsletter: "Preserve America is a federal initiative designed to support local efforts to preserve and celebrate our country’s cultural heritage. Neighborhoods designated as a Preserve America Community become eligible to apply for Preserve America grants. If Historic Filipinotown and Thai Town are approved, it would make them eligible for additional resources and help introduce the communities to a national audience." [Curbed InBox]