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CurbedWire: Fighting in Beachwood Canyon, Sawtelle Blvd Online, Rowan Lofts

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BEACHWOOD CANYON: Residents around Beachwood Canyon are rattling sabers at a new project in the neighborhood. "It's a 8,095 square foot expansion planned for 3315 Durand Drive [that is] in violation of the Purposes of the Hollywoodland Specific Plan (HSP)." Meeting tomorrow night before Planning and Land Use Committee about the project; angry Beachwooders are organizing car pools for the event. (Site is pictured above) [Beachwood Canyon Neighborhood Association]

SAWTELLE BOULEVARD: One done, 200 more to go. A reader writes that he has just stumbled on a social network for Sawtelle Boulevard. "Are there other neighborhoods in LA with a social network?" he writes. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Tomorrow night Rowan Lofts is having a some sort of furnishings/art party. "This two night only event includes a showcase of Luxehaus home furnishings in two flash/Guerilla “Pop-Up” stores offering a wide range of lifestyle products that are both functional and works of art in their own right. ArtSeen3 (which benefits AIDS Research Alliance) kicks off with a free opening night block party and art review in downtown L.A.’s Gallery Row. During the event the “Art of Fashion” will invite guests to preview five top emerging local designers with a runway show of cutting edge menswear and womenswear." [Curbed InBox]

Rowan Lofts

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