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That's Rather Hideous: Silver Lake Home Goes Day Glo Bright

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That's Rather Hideous examines questionable decisions in interior design as revealed in listing photos. Nominees, please, to

What is it about Silver Lake that inspires home owners to bust out the primary colors and go ape wild with the paint brush? After featuring a Skittlelicious gem in Silver Lake (still on the market!), here's a reader-submitted Day-glo bright home. We love color, we truly do. So what happened here? Where did it all go so horribly awry? Was the owner unable to resist a massive liquidation sale on unused paint from a local kindergarten? From the listing: "Step back to the grand 1950’s with this lively one story home decked out in friendly, bright colors. Flower filled yard, just waiting for a possible pool or expansion.... Have breakfast in the kitchen, snooze in the oversized den." Good god, who could possibly SLEEP in that room? Cost to live out your lime green fantasy: $699,000.
· 2860 Herkimer St Los Angeles CA 90039 [MLS]