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Neighbors Hating Americana at Brand's Tower

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This video footage of the bright tower at Americana at Brand--developer Rick Caruso's sprawling, mixed-use development in Glendale--was shot by an anonymous Adam Hills resident. Yes, resident of Adams Hills--roughly a one square mile neighborhood of Glendale--are quite unhappy about the tower. Curbed talked to Jerry Hoffman, who also lives in Adams Hills: "There are about 20-30 homeowners on Adams Hills that are affected. People are really upset about this. They say it ruins the view and say that they feel like they're looking down on Vegas." Hoffman's house is farther down the hill, so he isn't affected. But the tower itself: Space shuttle or penis? Tough call. P.S. The video has no sound. Office monkeys, click away!
· Curbed Inside: Developer Rick Caruso's Americana At Brand [Curbed LA]

The Americana at Brand

889 Americana Way., Glendale, CA 91210