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CurbedWire: Pam Anderson's Estate Sale, Spacey at Griffith Observatory

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MALIBU: This bike is one of the many, many items available for sale at actress Pamela Anderson's estate sale in Malibu this weekend. There's even an official web site for the whole thing. Like your average yard sale pusher, Anderson is trying to get away with selling a box of shells, but most of the stuff looks fairly decent (if in need of a paint job). [Real Estalker]

LOS FELIZ: Griffith Observatory has launched a new monthly program called "All Space Considered” at the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon theater. According to the press release, it "examines space science milestones making news headlines to provide the public with an inside look at the story behind the story." Expect science superstars Dr. Laura Danly, astronomical Illustrator Chris Butler and astronomical lecturer Dr. David Reitzel. [Curbed Inbox]