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BCAM: Now Young, Restless, and Flirty

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CBS soap opera "The Young & The Restless" filmed recently at Broad Contemporary Art Museum (BCAM), the new modern art museum, reports blogger Michael Leonard, who provides a tidy run-down/fact check about the episode's dialogue between characters "Victor Newman" (on the show forever), and "Sabrina." Via the blog: "They stumble on the background a bit, [character] Sabrina describing the reaction to Jeff Koons in the early 80’s as bewilderment, as opposed to the acclaim he actually received." Then, Victor and Sabrina moved on to artist Chris Burden’s Urban Light show and talked about that piece amid a lot of sexual tension.
· Michael Leonard Photography [Official Site]
· Burden's 'Urban Light' Show Lights Momentarily [Curbed LA]

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