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Resurgent Westwood Hopes To Not Be So Terrible

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The LA Business Journal shines a spotlight on Westwood Village and the ongoing construction that may one day transform the area back into someplace special. However, we have our doubts as much of the hopes are being pinned on the Casden Properties' Palazzo project. That can't be good.

Westwood boosters and critics alike say that a lack of accessible public parking deters shoppers and the addition of hundreds of residents living at the Palazzo project could infuse the moribund retail community with new life. Other projects, including the one-story retail building proposed for the former site of the Mann National and a secret boutique hotel project proposed for 10844-10852 Lindbrook, are making residents hopeful that the area can be transformed back into a retail mecca.
· Westwood Heads in New Direction [LABJ]


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