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Breaking: City Council Votes In Favor of Freeway Sign District

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News about today's City Council vote on creating a "freeway sign district" where digital billboards are proposed. From the Inbox: "The vote was 13-1 in favor of the freeway sign district, with only [councilman] Jack Weiss dissenting. Councilwoman Jan Perry brought a contingent of people from her district to testify about the need for the Wetlands park, and to question why people from outside their community would oppose such a good project. Once again, Perry expounded upon her belief that people who would jeopardize a badly-needed park just because they don’t like billboards had their priorities severely out of order." More background on the issue from CityWatch LA. UPDATE: So we know, does that mean the digital billboards are a done deal? Our mole writes: "Since it’s a city ordinance, it has to be voted on again next week, but that’s a formality. For all practical purposes it’s a done deal, and we can expect to see those billboards very soon. Unless someone takes a chapter from billboard industry practice, and sues the city."