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CurbedWire: Seeley’s Building Now a Historic Resource, Pasadena Bike Week

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GLENDALE: Glendale News-Press reports that Seeley’s Furniture store in South Glendale was put on the registry of historic resources. Via the paper: "As a designated city historic resource, the building will retain its architectural significance even with the planned site additions and exterior alterations — physical changes that have found a welcome audience in local preservationists who say prolonged vacancy can make historic sites exponentially harder to refurbish." Congratulation, Seeley's. [Via Flickr user Omar Omar] [GNP]

PASADENA: Who can pass up the chance to mention the Tour De Pasadena? Bike Week Pasadena 2008 is a week of free festivities, workshops, pit stops, bike-related films and rides running from May 12-17. In addition to the Tour De Pasadena, there is Ladies Night, a women’s-only road ride that winds through the streets of Pasadena to the Rose Bowl. Frisky. [Curbed InBox]