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A Look At Hip Culver City's History

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A year after the New York Times declared Culver City hip, the Los Angeles weighs in and also declares: Culver City has got it going on. Galleries, wine bars, architecture firms: The neighborhood has crawled its way back from the recession-filled 90s and is now facing what every other burgeoning neighborhood is dealing with--traffic woes and battles over development. Via the paper: "As in much of the region, the overriding issues on the minds of Culver City voters are development, density and traffic -- the slow midday crawl on Sepulveda Boulevard or the weekend evening jam-ups where what is purported to be the world's shortest Main Street joins Culver and Washington boulevards in the city's core." But save for a mention of the Fox Hills mall renovation and a 26-condominium project, the story is less about the proposed/current developments than a fascinating look at the history of Culver City. [Skyline of Culver City via Flickr user Bucky Hermit]
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