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Rendering/Reality: Downtown's ImaginAsian Center

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Rendering/Reality is a Curbed feature that considers the often unsubtle differences between what a building looks like in its renderings, and what it looks like when they get around to building the thing. Nominees, please.

Rendering artists did not include that tree in front of the ImaginAsian Center, the new movie theater and arts space at 251 South Main Street, site of the former Linda Lea theater. As for the venue itself, ImaginAsian will host the Japan Film Festival this weekend, an event dubbed by the press this way: "From Anime to comedy to Kurosawa classics, the 2008 Japan Film Festival is a prime example of the true versatility and vivacity of Japan's film industry." Meanwhile, how's the smackdown with neighbor The Smell, the club that was supposed to scare away locals from attending the theater?
· ImaginAsian Center [Official Site]