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New To Market: Malibu's Villa Versaille

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While not wanting to subject anyone to Malibu's audacious real estate market, the back story on this 10-bedroom home, listed at $23.75 million, is too good to pass up. A wealthy builder/developer built this 10-room, 11-bath home in 1992 for the love of his life. She moved in, but didn't like being so far from the city. So the couple moved out after a weekend. Yes, the couple spent all of a weekend living here.

Since the couple moved out of this 5.33-acre estate, dubbed Villa Versaille, the home has been rented out for parties, and movie, television, and music video shoots, according to the listing agent. Additionally, the owners have hosted parties at this estate. Also, it was rented out as a rehab center/wellness center at one point. While the listing notes the pools, the gardens, the horse stables, and the caretakers' residence, it's also worth pointing out this detail: "Today's building restrictions & a recently passed Malibu Municipal Ordinance will not allow an estate of this caliber to be built again. Today, the maximum the city will allow is 11,172 sq ft for the main house (on a five+ acre lot minimum). This property was built prior to the ordinance & is therefore "grandfathered" in to the city ordinance." No, these things don't get built anymore.
· Villa Versailles [Official Site]