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Curbed Network Advertisers on Display; More Metro Challenge

Our sponsors at John Laing Homes Metro Collection continue to delight the city's urban trivia hounds with the Metro Challenge, a slick, interactive game that pits Westsiders vs. Hollywoodites. The Challenge will culminate next month in a live, Jeopary-themed showdown. Mark your calendars. In the meantime, everyone who plays online gets free Cantaloop yogurt. Go on, check it out.

And let us not forget the rest of this week's advertisers, all challengers in their own right: 5th on the Park · 34 Leonard · Brad Metzger Restaurant Solutions · Castoria Real Estate · dd factor · Grand Central Square · Innis & Gunn Beer · Insurent · Stuyvesant Town / Peter Cooper Village · PG&E · The Powerhouse · Top Chef The Cookbook

If you'd like to join them, we'd love to have you. Details in our online media kit.

· Curbed Network Advertising [Curbed]