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Larchmont Lofts Prices, Neighborhood Demise Update

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An update on prices at Larchmont Lofts, the three-story, 21-unit structure under construction at Melrose and Larchmont: Prices will range from $600,000-$900,000, according to a January Larchmont Chronicle report. (That refutes a reader's comment that prices would start at more than $1 million. We're trying to confirm exact prices.) UPDATE: A rep for the marketing and sales agency says prices start at $750,000 for a 1,200 square foot unit and top out at $1.25 million for a 1,700 square foot unit. Either way, sales will kick off April 17th with a party at the project; the party will offer valet parking. Valet parking at a construction party: Sure sign of death for Larchmont Village? The neighborhood is currently trying to retain its quaintness in the face of forthcoming food chains and retail rent hikes. And now there's even more shake up along the strip, according to Racked LA.
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