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Curbed National: A Monster in Brooklyn, MSG, & An SF Oval Hospital

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Let us now take a very visual look at the latest architecture and design news as revealed on our sister blogs, Curbed NYC and Curbed SF, this week.

1) New York: We've found developer Geoff Palmer's long lost brother and he's building a fortress in Brooklyn. New York welcomes the Venetian, also known as the "Monster on Avenue P". Hmmm, wonder if they'll get ground floor retail.

2) New York: Madison Square Garden will not be torn down and moved after all. Instead they've released some swell renderings of what a remodel might do to the aging arena. It looks like they just waxed the floor and put up some new banners. It works surprisingly well. [photogallery]

3) San Francisco: SF General Hospital will get a new 7-story add-on oval as part of its $887.4 million renovation. Patients and doctors proceed to squabble in the comments section about the prissiness of doctors and their need for comfortable beds.