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Downtown's 655 Hope Pushes Happy Hour

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Since our last check, downtown condominium building 655 Hope has launched a new web site (with floor plans). And while the windows still don't open (a remnant of the site's former life as an office building), this funny-looking building gets points for marketing itself as a party pad--and reminding us all that a DUI in Los Angeles can easily run you $10,000. A recent mailer to prospective buyers indicates that it's great to live downtown because there's "No more drinking and driving!" Additionally, the sales agent who wrote the web site's text is already happily drunk--the web site touts the building as a place that buyers can "see the stars and downtown skyline with a glass of Martini on the roof-top entertainment deck." Who doesn't love a glass, or even a whole bath tub, of Martini at dusk. Meanwhile, the place is 20 percent sold out.

Nice talking to you in the recent months and now we have opened our show room and model.

Please Visit!

Our Building is at the corner of 7th and Hope across from Macy's Plaza.

We have changed our pricing structure and created great incentives to buy this year!!

In spite of the Newspapers, downtown is still coming on strong with 25 new restaurants and retailers this year. We are only 40,000 people in a city of 15,000,000 but our growth is up 42% in the last three years. 500,000 people commute to work here and $4 gas and one hour drives are wearing on their nerves. There will be a gap in construction so everyone buying now will benefit from the shortage in two years.

We are located on Restaurant Row, two blocks from Ralphs Fresh Faire, one block from new 10,000 sf Louies New York Market, 6 blocks from L.A. Live and 15 new Cinemas, next to Starbucks, Bean Scene, 4 Gyms, and above the Metro. It's Just the beginning.

From under our building, take the Metro to Korea Town, China Town, Hollywood, Pasadena, Universal City, and Long Beach. One way for $1.25. Explore! Give your tires a rest! No More Drinking and Driving! No more sitting in traffic!

Our showroom hours are Thursday through the Weekend and Monday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Only closed Tues and Wed.

See the Virtual Tour and floor plans.

See us Soon! Get the unit you want!
· 655 Hope [Official Site]