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EaterTastings: Philippe's Turns 100, Coles Pushes Back Re-Opening, Malibu's Pier Club, Father's Office

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The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog.

Coles Construction from Eater LA

DOWNTOWN: Competing restaurants Philippe's and Coles are both in the news. Philippe the Original turns 100 this year, so Eater recaps the LAT mag's historical look back when a meal cost 25 cents, and included a pint of homemade wine. In other French Dip news, Coles P.E. Buffet is pushing back its reopening to this fall, with Grace's Neal Fraser still consulting on the menu.

MALIBU: The new Malibu Pier Club opened this week. Expect "cocktails and foodstuffs like ahi tacos, kobe burger, truffle chips, 'brick-pressed mojo sandwich,' and 'caesar salad fondue.'" Oh yeah, and the sand and surf.

CULVER CITY: After what seems like months and months of waiting, the plywood on the new Father's Office in the Helms Building finally came down. Eater guesses the gastropub will open mid-April, but owner Sang Yoon likes to play coy. Shall we start a betting pool?