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Hollywood and Vine Fire Spares "Billion Dollars" Worth Of Nearby Development

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Early morning fire news: A blaze started at about 5:30 am at the Basque nightclub at Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood. The property, which also houses other businesses, was recently sold, City Councilman Eric Garcetti told KTLA-TV. The area is chock full of development, notably the Hollywood and Vine condominium/W Hotel project, and other projects referenced by Garcetti in a press conference this morning. There is about a "billion dollars worth of investment within about two or three square blocks of this area," Garcetti told reporters. He also added: "It's notable we have been having some fires in this area, and we will be looking into it." Indeed, Eater LA notes that there was a fire at restaurant Off Vine just last Sunday. These photos were taken at 7:50 am, by the time the blaze had been contained.
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