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Desert Hot Springs Lautner Sale Complete

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When last we checked on the John Lautner-designed motel in Desert Hot Springs (an area far less fashionable than nearby Palm Springs), rumor had it the motel, which underwent a couple of pricechops, was in escrow. Proud new owners Tracy Beckmann (an interior designer based in Silver Lake) and Ryan Trowbridge (a self-described artist and entrepreneur) confirm that escrow closed on April 25th. They write: "The property, having sat unused for some time now, is clearly in need of much love." While they haven't yet divulged plans for the property they did tell us of their love of Lautner, and that "a pool is definitely in the near future!"

The pair also intend to contact Lautner's daughter and the Lautner foundation as plans progress. Final price for the property was $425,000 plus closing costs. Why such a long escrow period? "We are delighted with our purchase even though it took more than four months to close escrow due to [the] uniqueness of the property and it's location which made funding this project a challenge." Glad that's finally sorted. We can't wait to see the future pool.
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