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Claim: Power Pole Lowers Home Value For Lakewood Couple

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Another instance of an unsightly power pole ruining the view: Two weeks ago, Southern California Edison erected a 90 foot pole on the northeast corner of Palo Verde Ave and Centralia St in Lakewood, right in front of Bill and Shelby Ranson's home. The couple believes their home is worth $100,000 less because of the pole and the mayor has apologized, but the pole won't be removed. "We feel violated," Bill Ranson tells the Press-Telegram. "This is another assault on middle-class America. We're humble, little ant-like people going up against this huge, mega-corporation. We don't want to mess with them, but what happened wasn't right." Edison says it can't remove the pole, which cost $250,000 to install, partly because, if moved, 22,000 Edison customers in Lakewood and East Long Beach would lose power for an indeterminate amount of time. [Pictured: Different pole, not one referenced in story.]
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