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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Piero II Rises & Sleepy Lagoon in Commerce

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This was easy enough. Two questions have been submitted for this week's Rumblings & Bumblings. Some of you answered, some did not. You may email us at with your new questions and possibly some digital photos for Tuesday.

1) Central City West: If we're all talking about the same spot on 6th Street, between Bixel and St. Paul, then yes, that development is Piero II. Because we loved Palmer's Piero I so much, he's giving us a second one. The Downtown News sums up the development in its development report: "Excavation has begun on developer G.H. Palmer Associates' 340-unit apartment complex on Sixth between Bixel and St. Paul streets in City West. Plans call for a pedestrian bridge over St. Paul Street that would connect a rooftop swimming pool deck to the already open Piero complex. Piero II was scaled down from its original design for 600 luxury units. The developer has clashed with the city over whether the project must include an affordable housing element."

2) South LA/Commerce: Where and what was Sleepy Lagoon? We couldn't find an actual map that pinpointed the exact spot, however multiple sources say Sleepy Lagoon was either a gravel pit or a small reservoir adjacent to the LA River, near the intersection of Atlantic Boulevard and Slauson Avenue in what is now the City of Commerce. In a 2005 General Plan update document for the City of Commerce, the importance of the Sleepy Lagoon site as a cultural monument is discussed briefly. Via the comments and the web site, there is this brief explanation as well: "Research indicates the reservoir was near the city of Maywood at approximately 5500 Slauson Boulevard. Replaced by a plastic factory and and a U.S. Government warehouse facility, nothing remains of the reservoir once known as Sleepy Lagoon." [Image of Sleepy Lagoon Mystery book via]


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