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CurbedWire: Downtown's Brewery Art Walk, Graffiti Battle in Highland Park

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DOWNTOWN: View From A Loft reminds us that the Brewery Art Walk takes place this weekend. Located at 2100 North Main Street, site of the worlds largest art colony, the twice annual open studio weekend hosts 100 resident artists. You can buy art directly from the artists. Very nice. [Part of the invite is featured above.][View From A Loft]

HIGHLAND PARK: More art coverage. The Times Online has the latest over that battle brewing about those images painted a few months ago at Arroyo Seco and the Los Angeles River (an event helped organized by Friends of the Los Angeles River). The mural shows an "angel cradling a man, a besuited pig smoking marijuana and scantily clad women," images Los Angeles County deems lewd. There is talk of enforcing a $70,000 removal fee if they aren't removed. Also, some guy from Ohio believes they shouldn't be "tooken" down (see comments in article). [Times Online]