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On the Racked: Bingo Love, Silver Lake Wine, Bathing Ape, and Recession Sale

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The latest store info, retail gossip and sidewalk scenes from street-obsessed Racked LA, the newest member of the Curbed family.

SILVERLAKE: Silver Lake boutique Pull My Daisy lost its beloved 10-year-old weiner/mascot Bingo in a bad hit & run car accident. Racked LA stopped by and snapped the scene: flowers, kids drawings and candles. Someone even made some potholders in his honor for fans to purchase. Yes, it's sad! And Bingo was his name.

SILVERLAKE: Staying local: Silver Lake Wine, which you may know from its wine tasting nights, has doubled its size. Architect Ana Henton "made the space interactive with glass tops on storage units that double as spots for tastings, an ample bar area, and an open space without the disruption of towering aisles."

MELROSE HEIGHTS: Why the heck is everyone so excited about Bathing Ape? Racked LA gets a dispatch from the opening day: "It which was supposed to open at noon today, but still has not let any shoppers inside....after an hour and the line didn't move I headed to the front and finally found a staffer willing to take time out of crowd herding to answer some questions. She informed us that the tickets were a raffle for entry, so it didn't matter if you camped out for a few days." Gallery of the insanity.

BEVERLY BOULEVARD: Nothing like a good 'ol "Recession Sale sign." Tough times for furniture store Pampa on Beverly Boulevard which is having a 50% off recession sale.
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