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CurbedWire: KOR Talks Barker Block Sales, Free Rides in Santa Monica

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DOWNTOWN: How are sales at Barker Block (pictured above) going, KOR? This what a rep for the developer wrote back about sales activity at their sprawling Arts District development: "Barker Block reports very positive sales activity – especially considering the overall economy, what's happening with some other residential projects, the overall unpleasant news out there, etc. Here are the basics: Over the next 2 years a total of 297 loft units will be offered at Barker Block. The project opened for sales in summer 2007. The first sale was recorded August 2. From that time until today there have been 32 sales, most of these quickly followed by move-ins. Activity has come in waves. There was a burst of sales in October and again recently: Since March 1, 2008, 5 units have closed escrow with another 7 units in contact, just waiting to close escrow. So that means 12 lofts sold in March/April alone. Again, these are actual sales, not just deposits or some other activity. " Got all that? [Curbed Staff]

SANTA MONICA: Until May 4---the last day it will be operating before it ships off to its new owner in Oklahoma--the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel, (recently sold on eBay for $132k) is offering free rides! Free Ferris! [MRPB]