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That's Rather Hideous: Creepy Bedroom Hot Tub In Culver City

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Normally we reserve this space for the truly eye-injuring lapses in Angelenos' taste, so we wouldn't really bat an eyelash at this modest and somewhat banal house in Culver City. But a reader pointed out a truly horrifying feature in the BEDROOM -- a hot tub. "Here's a house that's 'Culver City-Adjacent' (and 'Projects-adjacent') with what appears to be a whirlpool in the corner of a carpeted bedroom. I don't know if it's for physical ailments, or pre/post-coital uses. Either way -- eew." There may be a couple of "producers" in the Valley who could put it to good use. Still, eww. Cost for soaking in all that pleasure: $599,000.
· 4265 Campbell Dr Los Angeles, CA 90066 [Redfin]