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Another Huge Pool Bust For 1100 Wilshire

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Granted, downtown development 1100 Wilshire has a kick-ass pool (pictured), but why can't its residents use it responsibly? After a recent incident, word of another big bust this past Saturday, an incident in which led to the barring of all 1100 Wilshire residents from the pool. First, a report from a guest who got kicked out: "I went there to visit a friend on Saturday around 6pm and security said the pool was shut down because someone had 45 people at their party instead of 40. Not even residents could go out on the pool deck. It's one of those high school things, 1 person breaks the rules, everyone suffers."

"Four home owners co-hosted a party and each are allowed seven guests. 28 guests became 75, they were serving alcohol from the deck without an insurance rider. The homeowners refused identify their guests, the guests would not identify themselves as a guest or homeowner. The home owner was in violation of the rules so they and their guests-- or trespassers-- were escorted off the deck and the deck it was shut down. I don't know how long the pool was kept closed, they did not want the people sneaking back. The entire deck was cleared, even other homeowners had to leave. The group was told they were over their limit in the early afternoon and the extra people were asked leave.....Then the homeowner hid them in his unit and started sneaking them back down a few at a time. That's why the second time they just shut the deck down."
· Big Red Cup Bust At Downtown's 1100 Wilshire [Curbed LA]

1100 Wilshire

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