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Afternoon Thinkage: What to Do About Those Parked RVs?

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"This one RV was here for three months," [Bill] Korakis said, pointing to a picture of the vehicle and its elaborate camp. "He set up his generator, put his garbage in the back and hung blankets from the front." That's a Harbor City resident telling the Daily Breeze about the growing problem of RVs, some of which are permanent homes for residents, that park on city streets. Residents tell the Daily Breeze it's an eyesore to look at the vehicles, while a real estate agent tells the paper it's hard to sell homes on a street chock full of RVs. Councilwoman Janice Hahn may enact a designation that would prohibit oversize vehicles from parking during certain hours. Not mentioned in the story, but related: From what the chatter is from Venice, it's a huge problem there, too. Numerous sources tell Curbed that the RVs are taking up parking spots, the issue of parking being a particular touchy subject in the neighborhood. Granted, who can afford a house in Venice, so is it any wonder people have to live out of their cars? [Image of a random RV]
· Lined up against RVs [Daily Breeze]