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PriceSpotter Reveal: A Quiet Beverly Hills Street

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PriceSpotter thanks all those who didn't cheat this week. We gave you a property that is presently for sale, and you tried to give us what you thought the ASKING price was. Now the answer to Friday's Quiet Street in Beverly Hills, plus a big wail that there is no graph fun this week.

Listing Price: $2.745 million
Listing: This home just hit the market. Area comps range from $1.85 million-$3.595 million.
Winner: A gray box aka "Longtime LA resident," who guessed $2.75 million. Longtime LA leaves this thoughtful comment: "I hope the new owners of this house preserve and update this house rather than tearing it down....since teardowns are an epidemic in Beverly Hills...$4 million plus teardowns are mostly found north of Santa Monica Blvd. And then the hideous, wedding cake shaped, greek columned McPersian monstrosity that replaces it gets relisted for $10 million. if you want to see how Beverly Hills used to be, visit San Marino, adjacent to Pasadena. People in San Marino recognize the charm and appeal of tree-lined streets AND carefully preserved homes." Everyone on the tour bus to San Marino!
· PriceSpotter: A Quiet Beverly Hills Street [Curbed LA]