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CurbedWire: Silver Lake Library, East LA Civic Center, Bel-Air Traffic

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SILVER LAKE: Latest construction shot of the library rising at the corner of Silver Lake and Glendale Boulevard. Watching the library's construction had gotten a little boring, so it's exciting to see some height. This is apparently the "structural steel that will form the main volume of the building," according to M2A-Architects. [Curbed Staff]

EAST LA: On May 9 and 10th, the Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina will host a two-day community celebration to officially dedicate the East Los Angeles Civic Center at 4801 East 3rd Street. The new Civic Center will offer services, like housing permits, or consumer affairs information. Think of it like a city hall for East LA. [Curbed InBox]

BEL-AIR: Everyone, listen up! "Please be advised on Bel-Air Road just north of Copa de Oro, the City has hired a sub-contractor to do emergency sewer repair work to the sewer lines. A detour around the location has been set up. Instead of going straight up Bel-Air Road, you'll need to use St. Cloud to Nimes which loops you around to Bel-Air Road. The work started last Thursday (4/24) and is expected to last through the week." [Bel Air Blog]