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New Dodger Stadium To Fans: Come Year Round!

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While the new designs for Dodger stadium aren't particularly ground-breaking (and it appears that the soft-focus water-color renderings released yesterday were a tactical move so as not to jolt die-hard Dodger fans who might have revolted if given slick, modern architectural renderings), all the bells and whistles proposed by team owner Frank McCourt are essentially being added to lure fans to spend more time at the stadium and even visit in the off-season, writes architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne in the Los Angeles Times. Is it gonna happen? "If Dodger fans bolster their reputation for showing up in the third inning and beginning the walk to their cars in the eighth -- and not even thinking about the stadium during the winter months -- we'll be justified in wondering whether that $500 million was worth it." But Hawthorne also notes there is something pure and old-fashioned about how the "suburban" design of the stadium presently works: It's all about selling the baseball, rather than the merchandise.
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