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More Tree Carnage: Santa Monica Wants To Remove 300 Carob Trees

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Already embroiled in a debate over the removal of 23 ficus trees from around 2nd and 4th streets, Santa Monica officials now want to remove and replace 300 carob trees, reports the Argonaut. While it's not clear where these trees are located, the "trees are aging and many are reaching the end of their life span" so need to be replaced, according to a community forester. Not unexpectedly, angry Santa Monicans are already gearing up for a new battle. Via the paper: "Several concerned neighbors and residents showed up for a press conference held at noon April 22nd at the corner of 12th Street and Montana Avenue with Warriner and Polachek, where [city officials] explained the need for the removal of the carob trees and answered questions. 'I'm disgusted with the city,' said concerned neighbor Brian Varnum about the city's plan to remove the 300 carob trees." The City Council, who apparently would do well by hiring some sort of crisis-management public relations team at this point, hears the proposal on May 13th. No immediate reaction from the Treesavers, the group trying to save the ficus.
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